Default [ROM]AryaMod V5.5 - Final[TW | LTC][JB4.1.2][2014/3/16]

Welcome to AryaMod ROM, stable,light and battery friendly.
I am happy to share with you my first ROM, based on Sammy's LTA, hope you like it.
Over 15000 download in 3 month still counting

First of all I would like to appreciate following devs for their helps and supports:
@xperiacle for being genius and helping me a lot, letting me using some of his smalis and responding my questions with no hesitate
@majdinj for sharing golden comprehensive tutorials with us 
@not-i for his helps and being a great developer inspiring with his Sweet Rom
@tkari4 as being a good friend, I learnt a lot from you buddy 


AryaMod V5.5 features:

  • Updated Quickluanch panel mod: enable/disable in ROM extra features
  • Added Potato Statusbar Gesture, Thanks @mariozawa
  • - Add actions by swiping in the statusbar: Sleep, Home, Show available memory, Music Next, Music Play/Pause, Music Prev, Sound, Change statusbar color(Random)
  • - Change status bar color/transparency
  • Some teaks to make super snappy and fast launcher (Buttery Butter) Thanks @ricky310711
  • Added (MoaAB) Mother of AD BLOCKING to STOP those Annoying ADs (Text and Media), Crazy Malware and Spyware, Bloatware, Possibly POP-Ups and other Nonsense Unwanted Parasites from the Internet, Thanks @BSDgeek_Jake
  • Themed Weather widget and Weather Main App - S5 Style, Thanks @jayxiao171735
  • Added battery wallpaper (live wallpaper), it's still in Beta phase but you can track update from here, Thanks @OlliG
  • Ported Spalner fro Note 2, Thanks @akhil093
  • White theme for Spalner widget
  • Added Turkish translation for AryaMod Extra feature and CSC controller, Thanks @AceSamsung
  • Replace black solid color for non-tw apps' background
  • Huge update for TW 2014 theme based on both Note3 and S5
  • The rest of features are same as previous builds

Full changelog, How to Install, Download and discussion about version 5.5 here 

AryaMod V5 features:

  • This build is mostly about TW 2014 theme and some ports.
  • Ported automatic call recording stock phone as never was released for Note anyway thanks @mythtrandyr
  • Modded Stock Launcher 5x4 home screen 5x5 app drawer
  • Ported music player, FM radio and voice recorder thanks @akhil093 I compared my files with his resources
  • Ported and modified some widgets from Note 3 and S3 (4.3)
  • Samsung Sans font pack from S4 choose it in settings>display>font style
  • Video thumbnail mod, you need to keep the video open for a while to load preview of video clip(s) thanks @nokiamodeln91 and @drnarinder
  • Removed Photo Editor as it's troublesome, you can install it through Samsung Apps market
  • Fully themed based on TW 2014 from S4 and Note 3 resources 

    What are Themed:
    • framework-res.apk
    • SystemUI.apk
    • JobManager.apk
    • SecBrowser.apk
    • SecCalculator2.apk
    • SecDownloadProviderUi.apk
    • VideoPlayer.apk
    • ClockPackage.apk
    • SecContacts.apk
    • SecGallery2_Galaxy.apk
    • SecMms.apk
    • SecPhone.apk
    • SecSettings.apk
  • Galaxy Pro icon pack for stock apps; real icon pack for TW launcher based on CSC feature which is in form of app and can revert back to stock easily by deleting the app.For how to and more icon pack (see heresource

Screenshots of V5

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